6 Easy Ways to Style Men’s Shawls & Stoles

6 Easy Ways to Style Men’s Shawls & Stoles

Since the times of Maharajas and Zamindars, shawls have been an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. Beyond its traditional roots, the shawl has emerged as a contemporary fashion statement that can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.  

If you have just begun to explore the world of men's accessories and don’t know how to style Kashmiri shawls for men, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of distinctive styling techniques that will inspire you to make the shawl or stole a key player in your wardrobe. Let’s get started!  

Understanding Men's Shawls & Stoles

Men’s shawls are commonly seen as ceremonial or traditional attire curated for special occasions. However, Indian shawl brands like Pashmal are introducing contemporary designs in their collection of Kashmiri shawls for men to make it a go-to accessory.  

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In order to style a shawl or stole, you must understand the variety of materials and designs used in its making. While traditional woollen Kashmiri shawls for men are popular for their warmth, durability, and colourful designs, patterned shawls or stoles are known for their modern designs or subtle prints. So, understand the occasion, select your outfit, and then choose the shawl or stole accordingly to complement your whole look. The following are a few types of shawls and stoles that men can try:

  • Kashmiri Shawls with Jaal Jamawar Design  
  • Woollen Shawls with Mughal Darbaar Design  
  • Kashmiri Aari Embroidery Shawls   
  • Traditional Booti Design Shawls  
  • Zari Embellished Shawls  
  • Jamawar Kani Shawls  
  • Embroidery-printed Stoles  

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How to Wear Men’s Shawls and Stoles

1. Classic Fall

This classic styling option is ideal for festive occasions, cultural events, or casual gatherings in the fall or winter. You can wear the shawl with a kurta-churidar or jeans for a relaxed yet refined appearance.   

Steps to follow: 

  • You can either fold the shawl along its length or use it as it is  
  • Hang it around your shoulders and bring both ends to your front  
  • Make sure that the length is the same on both ends  

2. Parisian Knot

Whether you're attending an upscale event, winter reunion party, or even just a get-together, this styling option is perfect if you want to look classy. It has a modern flair, which makes it suitable for both ethnic wear and formal western wear. Pair a solid-coloured shawl or chic stole with a Kurta or Bandhgala suit, and add a tailored jacket for the ultimate gentlemanly look.  

Steps to follow: 

  • Adjust the width of the shawl or stole and fold it lengthwise.  
  • Now, put the shawl across your neck and bring the two loose ends together at one side.   
  • Take the loose ends and pass them together through the other end (which looks like a loop) of the shawl. 
  • Tighten and adjust the shawl a little bit according to your preference.  

3. Casual Wrap

This styling option is perfect for family gatherings, casual outings, or informal events. Choose this styling option to pair a shawl with a simple kurta or a collared shirt and chinos for a laid-back yet stylish look.  

Steps to follow: 

  • First, put the shawl around your neck and bring both ends to your front.  
  • Take one end and put it across your adjacent shoulder in a way that covers your arms and chest.  
  • Bring that end to your back and secure the shawl on the shoulder with a safety pin or brooch if needed.  
  • You can also adjust the front according to your preference.  

4. Maharaja Wrap 

If you want to make a royal impression on any grand occasions like weddings, festivals, or cultural celebrations, this is one of the options. This styling option had been embraced by royalties, Zamindars, and Bonedi families for ages. Wear your shawl in this way with a kurta-pyjama or a traditional sherwani for an elegant and regal appearance. It is best to choose traditional embroidery shawls or Kashmiri shawls for men to ace this styling option 

Steps to follow: 

  • Drape the shawl across your shoulder and keep the right length a little longer than the left one.  
  • Let the left end hang in the front. You can also fold it lengthwise.  
  • Take the loose end at the right side and bring it in the front from under the arms.  
  • Take the same end across your chest and put it on your left shoulder. 
  • Now, secure the end of the shawl on your left shoulder with a brooch or safety pin.  

5. Crossover 

This is a versatile styling option suitable for family functions or casual gatherings. You can choose this option to pair a stole with a kurta and jeans for a smart-casual fusion look.  

Steps to follow: 

  • Take a stole and fold it along lengthwise. 
  • Put it around your neck and shoulders and make a loop around your neck. 
  • Bring both ends of the stole to the front.  
  • Tighten and adjust the length of the stole as you prefer.  

6. Sherwani Dupatta

If you are wearing a sherwani, this evergreen styling option can be your companion. From weddings and formal events to traditional ceremonies, you can use this option to effortlessly style your sherwani with a signature Mughal Darbaar or Kashmiri shawl for men 

Steps to follow: 

  • Fold the shawl lengthwise and drape it across your left shoulder equally at the front and back. 
  • You can take the back end, make a loop on your right arm and secure it with a safety pin. 
  • Otherwise, you can also let the back end hang loosely and secure the shawl on the left shoulder with a brooch or safety pin. 

Shop the Best Kashmiri Shawls and Stoles for Men Online

Although shawls have always been a flag bearer of Indian culture, they came across challenges with evolving trends. However, the enduring charm of shawls has stood the test of time, thanks to the dedicated efforts of brands like Pashmal. 

Pashmal, one of the best shawl brands in India, has played a pivotal role in reintroducing men's shawls as a mainstream accessory. With a keen understanding of the fusion of tradition and modernity, Pashmal has curated timeless designs to elevate your wardrobe. Pashmal's exclusive collection of Kashmiri shawls and stoles for men caters to the evolving tastes of the modern man. 

From intricate embroidered Kashmiri shawls for men to soft bamboo and zari embellished stoles - Pashmal has a wide range of designs and colour options for every occasion and style preference. Visit our website to shop our latest collection of Kashmiri shawls for men now! 





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