7 Creative Ways to Style Shawls for Women

7 Creative Ways to Style Shawls for Women

Winter fashion is synonymous with warm puffer jackets, long woollen coats, stylish high-ankle boots, and comforting shawls and stoles. Although shawls are considered a traditional accessory, they can elevate your outfit to a whole new level if styled appropriately. From pairing it with a saree to creating a boho look with an Indo-western outfit - shawls and stoles are versatile accessories to elevate your everyday look.  

If you want to step up your winter style but still don’t know how to wear your shawls or stoles, worry not! We have got you covered. Here are 7 ways you can fashionably style winter shawls for ladies. Let’s get started!  

Know Your Shawl

To style a shawl properly, you should first understand the different varieties of shawls available for women. Winter shawls for ladies can range from cosy wool, silky smooth pashmina, and breathable cotton to more eco-friendly options like soft bamboo modal. Each fabric feels different to the touch and brings out different looks.   

In addition, winter shawls for ladies come in a wide range of designs, patterns and colours. You can choose a striped shawl to complement your formal attire or a floral-paisley Aari embroidery shawl for a wedding function – choose the design wisely to elevate your look. From classic neutrals to vibrant red or royal blue, your shawl colour can set the mood. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which look you are going for and choose the shawl accordingly.  

How to Wear a Shawl

1. Traditional Shoulder Drape

Wearing a shawl in the traditional shoulder drape style can never go out of style. Choose an ethnic embroidery shawl and hold it vertically, with one end in each hand. Then, keep the centre of the shawl on the back of your neck. Now drape the shawl over your shoulders, with both ends falling evenly on either side.

You can adjust the shawl to your preferred length. If you want a more relaxed look, let the ends hang loosely. You can also use a brooch or pin to secure the shawl and add some flair.  

The traditional shoulder drape works well with a range of outfits, from sarees and dresses to evening gowns. You can also opt for one-shoulder draping with your Indian attire to achieve the OG ethnic look.  

2. Classic Wrap

This is an age-old styling option that Indian men and women are following to wear their shawls and stoles. This style is all about comfort and wrapping a shawl casually over the chest and shoulder. However, this classic styling option can add a whole lot of grace to your look with a little improvisation.

First, take one end of the shawl, make pleats and pin it behind the left shoulder. Now wrap it around your neck and chest and bring the other end to the left side. Secure the end with a pin on your left shoulder and let one border rest on your left hand. Voila! You are ready with a simple yet elegant look for the special evening. 

3. Belted Style

Pairing shawls or stoles with a belt is an easy but unique way to style shawls for women. First, fold your shawl to make a triangle. Now, wrap it around your shoulders and secure it with the help of a belt around your waist. This styling option can make you look like you have an hourglass figure.  

This belted style works well with various outfits like dresses, jeans, tops, etc. You can opt for a statement belt buckle or a contrasting colour option to enhance the overall look.  

4. Double Crossover

This is yet another simple yet styling way to wear your shawls and stoles. First, place the shawl on your shoulders and cross over to the other shoulder to place it in the front. Then, place the right hand below the loop while you pull the left end inside. Similarly, put the left hand into the neck loop while you pull the right end inside. Now adjust the ends, and you are good to go.  

5. Stylish Vest

Wear your shawl or stole like a vest or jacket to get extra creative with your winter style. First, fold the shawl in half and tie the ends. Now, there are two big holes in the shawl, which you can use as sleeves. Wear it like a vest, and you can create an effortlessly stylish look.  

Use a solid, neutral-coloured sweater or t-shirt below this shawl vest and pair it with a long neck chain and high winter boots for a statement look. This vest style works best with basic outfits like T-shirts or simple dresses.

6. Stylish Cape

If you have a statement Kashmiri Shawl or Mughal Darbaar shawl, drape the shawl on your shoulders and tie the ends in the front. The rest of the shawl will flow behind like a cape to create an elegant look!  

Use this technique to style ethnic gowns, suits, or sarees with traditional shawls for women 

 7. Scarf

Use your shawl or stole as a scarf for a chic, casual look. Depending on the size of your shawl, fold or roll it into a long, narrow strip to ensure. Place the shawl at the base of your neck with the ends hanging down on one side. Then, take the ends together and pass them through the u-shaped hoop formed on the other end. Now, tighten this naturally formed knot around your neck as you prefer, and you have a scarf to complement your look. 

Alternatively, you can fold the shawl to make a triangle and drape it behind your neck. Now cross over the ends, bring it behind your neck and tie it to secure it. Adjust the shawl according to your preference, and you're officially ready to turn heads wherever you go!

Seasonal Styling

Although shawls and stoles are best suited for the winter, you can also use them in other seasons. Here’s a complete guideline on how to choose the right shawl fabric and style your shawls in different seasons:  

  • Spring 
    For springs, choose light and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen as the base material of your shawls or stoles.
    Opt for pastel colours and floral prints to complement the season's vibrancy. 
  • Summer
    Consider lightweight and cooling materials such as chiffon or silk for summer. Choose light, neutral tones and vibrant patterns to achieve a chic summer look.
  • Autumn
    Wool blends and cashmere shawls are a perfect fit for a cosy autumn. Choose rich, earthy tones and classic patterns to complement the fall aesthetic.
  • Winter
    Choose a premium wool blend, Faux Pashmina, etc., for maximum warmth and comfort during chilly winter. This is the right time to choose darker colours and bold textures in shawls for women.

Summing It Up

And there you have it, trendsetters! This winter, use your shawls and stoles not just to stay warm but also to rev up your winter style. If you are looking for shawls that guarantee premium quality as well as intricate, authentic designs, then Pashmal is the one for you.  

Pashmal is one of the best shawl brands in India, offering a curated selection of premium shawls, stoles, and apparel that redefine luxury. Whether you're into classic Kashmiri shawls or searching for contemporary print options - Pashmal has it all. So, check out their wide range of shawls for women and choose the one that fits your style. Happy styling!   





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