Discover the Legacy of Pashmal: Best Shawl Manufacturer in Amritsar

Discover the Legacy of Pashmal: Best Shawl Manufacturer in Amritsar

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, new trends and styles come and go in the blink of an eye. Western styles have taken over traditional clothes with endless options and convenience throughout the past years, especially after globalisation. Shawls and stoles have also witnessed significant challenges to survival as timeless winter accessories.    

However, amid this fashion evolution, many visionary brands have opened a new path for traditional shawls and other apparel with a harmonious infusion of heritage craftsmanship and contemporary design. Pashmal, one of the best shawl manufacturers in Amritsar, has been a frontrunner in this initiative. With a solid determination to restore the glory of shawls, Pashmal has become a narrator of change and traditional aesthetics.   

In this blog post, we will share comprehensive insights into Pashmal's journey as one of the best shawl brands in India, including its traditional shawl craftsmanship, the inspiration behind its offerings and the key elements that define Pashmal's exclusive shawl collections. Let's get started!   

The Journey of Pashmal 

The inspiration behind Pashmal, one of the best shawl manufacturers in Amritsar, is deeply rooted in the region's textile industry. The founders of Pashmal recognised the need to celebrate and preserve the legacy of shawl making, an art form deeply embedded in the cultural identity of India. They were driven by a passion to revive the centuries-old premium shawl designs that reflect the master artistry that originated in the country.    

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What Makes Pashmal Stand Out Among Shawl Manufacturers in Amritsar 

Reviving Traditional Designs

To bring traditional shawl craftsmanship into mainstream fashion, Pashmal has reintroduced traditional weaving and designs. We have implemented a modern manufacturing process to excel in producing heritage Kashmiri embroidery shawls, Kani shawls, Aari embroidery shawls, Jaal Jamawar shawls, and more. This commitment to authenticity sets Pashmal apart, as each shawl is a testament to the enduring beauty of traditional craftsmanship.   

Pashmal has also introduced modern twists on traditional shawls to help them stand the test of time. Our printed shawls, zari embellished fine wool blend stoles, etc., have been the talk of the town for the contemporary flair they carry.   

Offering Exceptional Quality

Pashmal's commitment to quality has set it apart as one of the most reliable shawl manufacturers in Amritsar. Whether it's the finest blend of wool for shawls or the pure Indian silk for its amber sarees – we choose the materials carefully to ensure that each shawl is crafted from the finest fabrics available.

Featuring Diverse Patterns and Designs

Pashmal's winter collection features unique shawl patterns and designs, including floral-paisley motifs, traditional booti motifs, Kashmiri Shikargarh designs, Kashmiri Jamawar and Aari embroidery, and more. These motifs pay homage to India's age-old cultural heritage and make each shawl a wearable piece of art.   

In addition, Pashmal is not only confined to tradition but also recognises modern design sensibilities to cater to the global market. The fusion of contemporary designs makes Pashmal shawls both classic and fashionable. 

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Promoting Sustainability

Pashmal's excellence as a top heritage shawl manufacturer in Amritsar lies in its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. As awareness of environmental impact grows, Pashmal sources fabrics responsibly and has adopted eco-friendly materials such as bamboo modal fabric. 

Introducing Affordable Luxury

Being a heritage shawl manufacturer in Amritsar, Pashmal offers an exclusive shawl collection that you can afford. Our exquisite range of Kashmiri Kani shawls, Zari-embellished stoles, etc., are available at various prices to ensure you embrace premium shawl designs in your budget. The price of our shawls and stoles starts at 1200 and goes up to 20,000 INR.    

Exploring Pashmal's Signature Collections  

1. Shawls

Pashmal offers a wide range of shawls at various price points without compromising quality. From the royal Mughal Darbaar shawls to more affordable premium embroidery and zari woollen shawls for winter, there's a piece to match every budget.   

In addition to traditional wool blends, Pashmal offers shawls made from wool-silk blends, faux pashmina, and eco-friendly bamboo modals. This diverse range of fabrics allows customers to choose shawls that align with their values and style preferences.   

Moreover, Pashmal's exclusive collection of shawls is available for both men and women to ensure everyone can ace winter fashion gracefully.  

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2. Stoles


Pashmal's extensive collection of stoles is a chic addition to its artisanal shawl production. The stole collection for both men and women offers a variety of options with different designs and colours to match your outfit. These stoles are ideal for those who want a lighter accessory without compromising their winter style.   

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3. Women’s Silk Suits 


Pashmal has made an impact as a top shawl manufacturer in Amritsar and aced the luxury apparel market. The silk suits from Pashmal are made from premium Indian silk, ensuring a luxurious feel. These suits feature traditional Kashmiri Kani craftsmanship, making every piece a timeless addition to your wardrobe.  

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4. Jackets and Wool Coats for Women

Jackets and Wool Coats for Women

Pashmal's exclusive collection of vintage jackets and wool coats for women is known for its intricate, all-over Kashmiri Jamawar designs. These winter jackets come unstitched to allow customised fitting.   

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5. Heritage Sarees

Heritage Sarees

Mughal Darbaar silk sarees from Pashmal are a tribute to the grandeur of Mughal aesthetics. Rich in intricate design and colours, these amber sarees encapsulate the essence of royalty.   

6. Men’s Nehru Jackets 

Men’s Nehru Jackets

Pashmal's apparel collection is not limited to women; it extends to men's fashion with the classic Nehru jackets. These jackets come unstitched and feature intricate traditional designs to elevate any simple kurta or ethnic wear effortlessly.

The Bottom Line  

Pashmal's journey as one of the best shawl manufacturers in Amritsar reflects their unwavering dedication to reviving traditional shawl craftsmanship and offering premium quality. Although its legacy is embedded in artisanal shawl production, Pashmal's apparel collection has also made its way through the trends. If you are looking for the best shawls, stoles, or luxury apparel online, Pashmal is a one-stop destination. Visit our website to shop from our exclusive collections.  



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