Make a Style Statement with These 6 Exquisite Winter Shawls for Women

Make a Style Statement with These 6 Exquisite Winter Shawls for Women

As winter wraps us in layers of warmth, we may find it difficult to create a statement look. If styled thoughtfully, shawls can be a powerful tool to create a glamorous look during the colder months.   

To make it easier for you to style winter clothes, we've curated a list of premium shawls for women. Let's dive in and discover how these exquisite pieces can become your go-to accessories for creating a luxe look this season!   

How to Choose a Statement Shawl for Women 

Choosing the perfect shawl requires careful consideration of personal style, functionality, and a keen eye for styling. Consider the following factors while selecting a statement winter shawl for women. 

Material and Texture

If you're buying a premium shawl, choose a piece made from the finest blend of Pashmina, wool, or silk. The quality of the fabric not only provides a sleek, elegant look but also ensures unmatched warmth and comfort. While you can choose Pashmina or wool blends for evening functions, silk is a great option for daytime events

Colour and Patterns

The colour and patterns of a shawl play a pivotal role in its overall appearance. While vibrant and bold hues like blue, pink, red, etc., can add a pop of personality to a neutral outfit, subtle tones offer a more timeless appeal. Choose Kashmiri shawls or embroidered shawls with intricate traditional motifs and embroidery works like floral-paisley, Shikargarh, Chinar, abstract patterns, etc. Harmonize the colour and patterns with your wardrobe to seamlessly integrate the shawls into your winter style. 

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6 Exquisite Shawls for Women  

1. Kashmiri Jaal Jamawar Shawl

The art of Jamawar carries a rich heritage, tracing its roots back to the 15th-century Mughal era. Originating in Kashmir, the name Jamawar is derived from the Persian words Jama (meaning robe or shawl) and War (meaning yard or piece of cloth). Jamawar has been a symbol of luxury because of its intricate patterns and use of fine wool fabric. The designs often include paisley motifs, floral designs, and other traditional patterns.    

An embroidered Jaal Jamawar shawl for women can add a touch of glamour to any simple outfit with its all-over detailed embroidery work. Pair this Kashmiri shawl with an elegant evening gown or a saree, or drape it over a simple monochromatic outfit to let its intricate details shine.    

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2. Traditional Kashmiri Kani Shawl

This traditional shawl originates from a small village named Kanihama in the Kashmir region in northern India. Kani refers to a wooden needle or a small, pointed stick used in the detailed weaving process. Historians believe that the art of Kani has been influenced by Persian weaving techniques and designs introduced to Kashmir through trade and cultural exchanges.     

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Kani shawls feature intricate floral, paisley, and other Kashmiri embroidery designs. Weaving a Kani shawl is time-consuming and requires great skill and precision. For this reason, Kani shawls are highly valued and considered a symbol of luxury and status.   

Whether it's a Kani silk suit or a bridesmaid lehenga - you can wear a Kani shawl with any ethnic attire to create a glamorous look. You can also wear it as an accent piece with jeans and a top for a fusion look. 

3. Heritage Mughal Darbaar Shawl

Mughal Darbaar shawls pay homage to the grandeur of Mughal artistry. This type of woollen shawl for women usually features Mughal-inspired Shikargarh designs. The intricate detailing showcases the craftsmanship passed down through generations, preserving the essence of Mughal aesthetics.   

Whether attending a cultural event or a formal gathering, this shawl complements both traditional and contemporary attire, making it a statement piece in any wardrobe. 

4. Embroidered Printed Shawl

Inspired by the vibrant textile traditions of India, the embroidered printed shawls combine traditional embroidery with intricate printed patterns. This type of woollen shawl for winter creates a unique visual appeal that can effortlessly enhance your winter outfits.   

Pair this shawl with a dress or drape it over your shoulders with jeans to make a style statement this winter.   

5. Aari Embroidery Woollen Shawl

Aari is a traditional form of hand embroidery from the Kashmir valley. The term Aari refers to a hooked needle used in the unique embroidery process of this weaving technique. Like most Kashmiri art forms, Aari embroidery also flourished under the patronage of the Mughal emperors.   

Aari shawls are among the most celebrated Kashmiri embroidery shawls for women that have acquired global recognition. The detailed and delicate patterns, often featuring floral motifs, paisleys, and intricate geometric designs, make these shawls a timeless beauty.   

Pair an Aari shawl with a subtle suit, exquisite amber saree, or any other ethnic attire to flaunt its luxurious embroidery design.   

6. Antique Shawl with Booti Design

Traditional booti shawls are one of the most popular shawls for women for their minimalist yet exquisite vibe. The term booti is derived from the Persian word buta, which means small flower or bud. During the Mughal period, intricate floral and botanical motifs resembling buds or blossoms became prevalent in various art forms, including textiles. The symmetrical arrangement of small floral motifs creates a harmonious and visually appealing pattern, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the piece.   

Whether you are styling a traditional silk saree or layering your outfit with a vintage wool winter jacket, a booti design shawl will effortlessly enhance the overall glamour of your look.   

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Which is the Best Brand in Shawls?  

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