Your Ultimate Checklist for Buying Shawls & Stoles Online

Your Ultimate Checklist for Buying Shawls & Stoles Online

The online marketplace has seen a bloom in the past few years. While shopping online, especially if we are purchasing premium clothes and accessories like winter woollen shawls and stoles, we often hesitate because of reliability-related issues. In addition, it's also easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous choices and styles available online at your fingertips. That’s why we have curated this comprehensive guide to help you purchase a winter shawl or stole online. Let's get started!  

Why You Should Buy Shawls and Stoles Online   

Extensive Variety

From Kashmiri Pashmina shawls to silk embroidered wraps - online platforms open the gates to a wide variety of winter shawls for men and women in one place. You can search online and get the latest global trends at your fingertip  

Convenience and Accessibility

Online shawl stores never close their doors. Therefore, you can enjoy the flexibility of shopping at any hour that suits your schedule.   

In addition, you can shop from the comfort of your home and avoid the hassle of visiting multiple stores. Browse, select, and purchase – all at your convenience.   

Feedback from Buyers

You can read product reviews and testimonials that provide invaluable insights into the quality, comfort, and overall quality of the shawl or stole you are considering. These reviews will help you make informed purchase decisions based on the real experience of previous buyers 

Easy Comparison

Online platforms give you the option to compare multiple shawls simultaneously. You can open multiple tabs on your browser, view different options side by side, and compare their features, styles, and prices without any hassle

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Shawls or Stoles Online  

1. Choose Premium Fabric

Choose Premium Fabric

The comfort and durability of a shawl or stole depend primarily on the quality of the fabric. Read the product description carefully to check whether the base fabric of the winter shawl is premium-quality wool, silk, faux pashmina, etc. Understand the characteristics of each fabric to make an informed decision based on your preferences and the intended use of the shawl.  

The following are the most popular choices for premium winter shawls:  

  • Pashmina: This type of goat wool is known for its lightweight and luxurious texture.  
  • Wool: Look for high-quality woollen shawls for warmth and durability.  
  • Silk: With a shiny, glamorous finish, silk shawls are known for their smooth texture.  
  • Premium Eco-Friendly Fabrics: Bamboo modal is one of the most popular eco-friendly fabrics used in premium shawls for its softness and comfort.   

2. Check Design Specifics

Check Design Specifics

The patterns, motifs, and designs contribute significantly to the overall appeal of a winter shawl or stole. Online platforms usually feature multiple images of one product that provide a close-up look at the nitty-gritty of the designs. Some of the most popular designs and motifs include floral paisley motif, buta motif, Chinar leaves, Kashmiri Shikargarh design, Mughal Darbaar design, Zari-embellishment, and more.   

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In addition, always check the product description to get a detailed idea about the designs and actual colours of the woollen shawls for winter.   

3. Consider the Size & Length

Consider the Size & Length

Pay attention to the size charts provided by the online platform and check the length of the shawls and stoles. While the ideal size of a winter shawl is 40 cm X 80 cm, stoles usually measure 20 cm X 80 cm. If it’s too long, you will have a problem styling it. Similarly, you won't get adequate coverage if it's too short.

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4. Read Product Reviews

Read Product Reviews

Customer testimonials provide valuable insights into the shawl's quality, durability, and overall satisfaction of previous buyers. Pay attention to positive and negative comments to get an idea of the product your eyes are fixated on. If you want collective feedback about a brand, check out the brand's Google My Business page.  

5. Don’t Compromise on Brand

Don’t Compromise on Brand

While shopping online, especially if you are buying premium Kashmiri shawls or Kani shawls, always prioritize brand reputation. Established brands ensure the best quality, authentic products, and ethical production. Research the brand's history and check its transparency regarding return and refund policies, shipment, delivery, payment gateway, etc. Also, consider the availability of their customer support in case of any issues.  

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What are the Best Shawls to Buy?  

While purchasing a shawl, you should carefully consider your preferences, specific occasions, and the latest trends. For instance, if you are looking for a wedding shawl, Kashmiri embroidery shawls or silk shawls are great options. On the other hand, if you are shopping for a versatile winter shawl, you can get black, pastel or neutral-coloured woollen shawls.   

The following are some of the trending winter shawl patterns and styles you can consider:  

  • Kashmiri embroidered wraps and shawls  
  • Kashmiri Kani shawls  
  • Jaal-Jamawar shawls  
  • Zari-embellished shawls  
  • Knitted shawls  
  • Mughal-Darbaar shawls  
  • Embroidered-printed shawls  
  • Reversible shawls  

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Where Can I Buy Women's Shawls & Evening Wraps 

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